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The most focused events for owners and prospective owners of SAP EPM Solutions. Each member of the EPM Summit Network can choose to attend an in person EPM Leadership Summit event, included in their membership – in either location below.

North America

Where: Vdara Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
When: February 18-21, 2020


Where: London, UK
When: June 16-19, 2020

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The EPM Leadership Summit Experience

The EPM Leadership Summit is an unparalleled event that provides a unique perspective on how to approach your SAP Analytic & Performance Management applications. If, like us you’re thinking, ‘oh no…not another SAP Event’, or you found the typical sales focused agenda of other events lacking in the critical substance you need to maximize the potential value of your software, our customers know this event is different.

Why?  We are focused on you.  We assume you own the software (we don’t need to sell it to you) and we can speak openly about detailed topics that help you get past barriers to attain a higher functioning EPM Solution.  Our intent is to help you define and achieve a high level of success for you and your organization.  During the conference we pass on our insights, our wisdom and our knowledge to inspire you to get to the summit of peak performance.

This is a chance to meet real business users that have solved real problems most other organizations and users are facing.  The Summit brings users and experts together with the intention of performance improvement and provides ample opportunity for networking and collaboration.

Explore the Art of the Possible – join us to learn what you can accomplish.


Full agenda to be posted soon.

The value attendees receive enables them to make improvements year over year, implement new ideas and bring new challenges to solve each time they attend the EPM Leadership Summit.


Business Functional 

Focused on users and administrators that are hands-on with BPC and SAP Analytics Cloud.  Topics include features & functions, logic, report writing, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, project considerations, etc. These sessions presented by Column5 experts are designed to help develop deeper skills with BPC and SAC solutions.


Content covers critical information about the platform, stability, performance, and technical landscape & configurations. Topics covered include concepts related to performance tuning, disaster recovery, installations, integrations, troubleshooting for all versions of BPC and SAC.


Darwin EPM delivers a comprehensive, integrated solution delivering depth and rich functionality in strategy, operations and finance–all on a common platform utilizing SAP technology. Darwin consistently delivers faster time to value with our pre-built content based on years of successful BPC implementations. The Darwin sessions cover how Darwin uniquely meets the needs of SAP BPC customers through its revolutionary platform and solutions suite.


Content built for those responsible for setting the SAP EPM agenda for the organization. Topics relate to understanding the value of BPC, SAC, Group Reporting and EPM processes, and how these topics contribute to an organization’s ability to execute their respective strategy. Executive track also assists in defining the vision for BPC and SAC, discussion of best practices for EPM processes, the roadmap to realize the vision, as well as measuring success. 

Finance Transformation

Organizations implement EPM solutions to improve financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes.   A quality vision positions the EPM solution to yield greater value for all stakeholders – customers, employees and investors.  New for 2020, the Finance Transformation track provides tangible deliverables to help you establish a centralized analytics platform producing the following benefits: a.) Reduce manual work and simplify analytics landscape complexity; b.) Establish a single version of truth; c.) Enable advanced analytics to exploit data across processes, geographies, lines of business, etc. d). Shrink cycle time and level of effort to enable monthly rolling forecasts; and e.) Improve transparency and understanding of detailed assumptions at multiple levels. Attend this track to initially establish a baseline of measurement, and revisit to measure your progress and recalibrate your roadmap year after year.

Featured Speakers

A few of our valued speakers

David Den Boer

Chairman & Founder - Column5 Consulting

Mr. Den Boer has applied his significant technical delivery experience and broad experience providing solutions across a wide


    VP, Customer Success - Column5 Consulting

    Charles was recently promoted to VP of Customer Success and although he is new to this role he is not new to delivering world


      Vice President Sales - Column5 Consulting

      Steve Sussman oversees Column5´s global sales, business development and marketing initiatives. He has more than 20 years of


      Managing Director, UK & EMEA - Column5 Consulting

      David Jones has spent 28 years working in the EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) space. He is a Chartered Accountant and
      Who Should Attend?

      The Leadership Summit is designed to engage multiple roles from your organizations:

      Executive and FP&A Leadership

      Power Users and Admins


      EPM Community Networking

      Column5’s annual EPM Summit brings together EPM experts from around the globe to form a community dedicated to learning and advancing EPM excellence.

      In addition to customers demonstrating EPM Excellence, we will also be joined by EPM product experts from SAP as well as our top resources and implementation partners. Everyone you will meet is a member of the EPM community and can expand your list of valuable EPM resources and peers.

      EPM Solution Benchmarking

      Our past Summit attendees continue to tell us that our event gives them benchmarks in both a “big picture” and tactical view. Benchmarking can deliver deep insights about a company’s performance and help you identify gaps and improvement opportunities.

      Measuring your solution against your peers’ to gain insights into key performance metrics can be invaluable. This event series allows you to compare your solution with other organizations and best practice scenarios to help you chart your organization’s course.

      This year, we are enhancing our benchmarking rewards by inviting all registrants to enhance their return on investment by participating in the 2019 EPM Benchmarking Study. By taking part in this ground-breaking study you will receive a precise measurement of how your organization stacks up to the rest of the EPM community and exclusive data released only at the Summit that you can share within your organization throughout the year.

      Premium EPM Educational Content

      Although Column5 offers a number of free EPM educational resources, we have answered the call from the EPM community who have asked for an enhanced level of content. The Column5 EPM Summit Program offers nearly 200 hours of expanded EPM content in three tracks: Functional, Technical and Executive. The content is carefully designed to expand and intensify from event to event with the ongoing goal of advancing every attendee’s EPM knowledge as the events progress.

      Other events feature a few EPM sessions with content presented by multiple SAP partners. In a multiple-partner event, EPM implementation and enhancement experts are not willing to share proprietary IP that can dramatically improve the customer experience. By driving the content for these events, Column5 has the freedom to deliver high-value, premium EPM content that is not available anywhere else.

      EPM customers typically pay upwards of tens of thousands in annual maintenance for EPM products. This enhanced EPM educational content can lower your total cost of ownership and make your organization more independent. We believe that quality education is so critical to EPM success throughout your organization that we also offer CPE credit for every live session you participate in.




      Online Courses




      Online Courses


      What our past attendees say about the EPM Summit.

      The EPM Summit offers unmatched BPC learning and content in concisely planned sessions.
      IT OfficerThe World Bank Group
      The networking opportunities with other EPM users and administrators is entirely valuable to me and the way we run our EPM Platform.
      Sr. Director, Business IntegrationFarmers Insurance
      Being fairly new to BPC, this event has taught me a lot about the product as well as helped me think of new ways to improve current processes at my organization.
      FP&ANew Era Cap
      The big differentiator between the EPM Leadership Summit and other similar conferences is the mass amount of information/experts available to the attendees.
      Director of Enterprise SystemsAmerican Golf
      I’ve never been to a conference where I got so much knowledge on all aspects of EPM solutions!
      Business Systems AnalystWaters Corp
      My favorite aspect of the Summit is talking to other users that use BPC.
      Director of FP&ATommy Bahama

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