The ONLY Premium Network for SAP EPM & Analytics professionals

Column5, the leading partner for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Strategy and Solutions, is proud to announce the all new EPM Summit Network Membership for business professionals looking to advance and transform their organization’s EPM and Analytics capabilities.

The EPM Summit Network is our answer to an emerging need: more and more SAP BPC and SAC customers seek to incorporate digital transformative technologies like AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning into their EPM & Analytics Solutions as core capabilities. Most companies do not yet have a process vision or technology roadmap to embrace such opportunities.

Meeting this demand requires a new approach to business management processes that is ready to operate on significantly accelerated timelines.

We are stepping up to the EPM challenge - will you join us?

What’s Your EPM Journey?

Not getting where you need to be? Customers report that their EPM journey is an iterative process that requires consistent momentum to make forward progress. Too many organizations get derailed in early stage deployment issues like performance, stability and lack of user adoption preventing their investments from achieving real value.

Not getting the results you need? Even when organizations manage to secure acceptable system performance and stability, they next struggle to embrace advanced processes to take ROI delivered from an EPM/Analytics solution to the next level. This progression requires insights, guidance, and inspiration at every stage of the program.

A New Way to Transform your EPM
System and Processes

This breakthrough membership subscription grants access to the most important information and guidance enabling you to leverage your SAP BPC, SAP  SAC, EPM and Analytics investments to realize unprecedented value.

Sidestep common pitfalls like performance, stability, low user adoption and satisfaction. Even after achieving stability, position your team to anticipate and overcome future challenges by creating a vision and roadmap for advanced process value.

This membership assists you in every stage of your EPM Journey via iterative discussions, networking and benchmarking you can consume any place, at any time.

One membership subscription accesses the only premium network for EPM & Analytics professionals, featuring an unrivaled and essential package for all organizations.

What’s included?
  • EPM Leadership Summit. Members receive one pass to one of our unique annual events in a location of your choice:
    • North America – typically held in Q1, in Las Vegas, NV
    • EMEA – typically held in Q2, in London, UK
  • EPM Summit Online. Exclusively available to Network Members. Expert, relevant content addressing your important EPM & Analytics challenges and solutions including a library of over 150 curated videos. Enables year-round learning on a continuous basis.
  • EPM Summit Community Online Forum. Connect–Learn–Share. Accelerate your learning through the EPM Summit Network community at live events and online.  Take inspiration and engage with other members knowing you’re facing the same challenges together – not going it alone. The EPM Summit Forum is moderated by Column5 consultants and customers.
  • Direct interaction with SAP Product Experts.
  • And Much More!

Membership Pricing

Initial membership: $3,000 per person
Additional memberships: $2,000 per person

Special Offers!!

20% discount with a 3-year subscription, paid in advance.

Receive a FREE EPM Summit Network membership with any of the following qualified Column5 Services*:

  • Managed Services – Contract with Column5 to provide all needed services on your EPM technology platform on your premises or private cloud, or in conjunction with our hosting in our cloud environment and your organization will receive a complimentary Network Membership.
  • Hosting Services– Engage the Column5 team to deploy your solution on our technology platform and receive a complimentary Network Membership.
  • All Access Pass – Purchase a subscription to the entire Column5 EPM Academy eLearning library for all your licensed EPM users and receive a complimentary Network Membership.
  • Current Darwin EPM customers.

*If you already have one of the above, Column5 will be in touch regarding your membership status.

If you want to attend the 2020 EPM Leadership Summit

Become a member today.


$ 3000

Please purchase here for your company’s first membership.


$ 2000

Please purchase here if your company currently has a membership.

Additional memberships will not be activated without an initial membership fee of $3,000 purchased by your company.

One membership subscription gives you access to our annual EPM Summit Leadership event held in Las Vegas, NV in February 2020 and London, UK June 2020.  Please visit the EPM Leadership Summit website for information and registration.

The EPM Leadership Summit Experience

A key element of the EPM Summit Network is the EPM Leadership Summit live events, recognized as the most focused events for owners and prospective owners of SAP EPM Solutions. The EPM Leadership Summit is an unparalleled event that provides a unique perspective on how to approach your SAP Analytic & Performance Management applications.

If, like us you’re thinking, ‘oh no…not another SAP Event’, or you found the typical sales focused agenda of other events lacking in critical substance you need to maximize the potential value of your software, our customers know this event is different.  See why – check out the Leadership Summit event….

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