Many potential attendees have questions about the event. We took some of the more frequently asked questions and put together this Q&A to save time when evaluating if this series of educational events is right for you. Please feel free to contact us (email: success@column5.com) with any additional questions for a personal response to your concerns.

How are these events different from a typical SAP event and other conferences?

Several differentiators give this series of educational events significantly more value than other conferences you may be considering. 

  • Focus – SAP has many products in their comprehensive portfolio. As a result, SAP-centric events have proportional content that accommodates all products with relatively broad coverage, but not very deep. The Column5 Summit Annual Pass offers nearly 190 hours of deep-dive EPM content in three tracks: Functional, Technical and Executive. Our content is carefully crafted to expand and intensify from event to event with the ongoing goal of advancing every attendee’s EPM knowledge as the events progress.
  • Real information, not sales fluff – Other events target both existing and prospective customers. Our educational series caters to those who have already implemented the SAP EPM suite. As a result, no high-level marketing or sales content will be included in the event and you are assured of effective networking and the highest value EPM content. Our progressive, educational content is targeted exclusively to companies with SAP EPM products in-house, and contain direct, hands-on information relevant to users of this relatively narrow group of products.
  • Advancing knowledge – Other events feature a few EPM sessions with the same content year after year presented by multiple SAP partners. In a multiple-partner environment, EPM implementation and enhancement experts are not willing to share proprietary IP that can dramatically improve the customer experience. By driving the content for these events, Column5 has the freedom to deliver high-value, premium EPM content that is not available anywhere else.
  • More! –Want a letter you can use to convince your boss you should go here.

Is my registration transferrable?

Yes. If you are unable to attend you can transfer your registration to someone else in your organization, just email success@column5.com with their information.

What methods of payment are available to purchase tickets?

We accept standard credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).  You are only able to pay via invoice if you have more than 5 attendees and you are a current Column5 Customer with an active MSA If you would like to be invoiced please contact Customer Success contact or Account Executive.

Why does a consulting partner do this event on such a scale? Why not leave it to a conference provider or software vendor?

EPM customers typically pay tens of thousands or more to service & expand their EPM solutions. Column5 believes that quality education is absolutely critical to EPM success throughout your organization and can readily lower your total cost of ownership. At Column5, we are laser-focused on customer success. It is our opinion that customers of SAP EPM products often only realize a fraction of their potential value under the status quo in the marketplace.

Multiple partner events are more sales focused and can impede customers from getting the actual educational content they need to change the effectiveness of their solution. We feel the EPM community deserves better, and we are uniquely positioned to drive this improvement. Column5 has many leaders from the OutlookSoft consulting community who have performed hundreds of successful implementations on an individual basis and over a thousand collectively, and we want to bring our more focused efforts to improve experiences with the product at all levels of complexity, while inspiring customers to push these products to new heights.

I know you host the Summit but why did you add on the EPM Summit-Online?

In a comprehensive market analysis conducted in 2012-2013, we discovered a severe gap in ongoing, EPM education that was inhibiting SAP EPM customers from accessing continuing information to match their expanding knowledge and competence with the solutions. The addition of the virtual, EPM Summit-Online allows us to enhance our Summit content (and attendee development) by providing continuing education throughout the year.

Summit Online delivers over 110 hours of premium EPM on-demand content available 365 days of the year. The sessions are carefully crafted to cover hot-button issues and intensify from event to event with the ongoing goal of advancing every attendee’s EPM knowledge as the year progresses. You will receive access to Summit Online once you pay for your ticket.

I have a travel freeze, and my company is cutting expenses. Why would I prioritize my limited spend to attend these events?

Three of the four events are delivered in a virtual environment online and require no travel costs. The EPM Leadership Summit is held in Las Vegas which is relatively inexpensive to reach while still providing luxury accommodations and meeting environment for an affordable price. In addition, the value of participating in the EPM Summit far outweighs the cost:

  • Insight to value – Column5 has done significant market and technical research to determine best practices for the entire EPM portfolio as well as Business Intelligence. By integrating these components – many already in existence in most companies – customers can explore how to adopt a much more effective EPM process that vastly increases the benefit of these solutions.
  • Benchmark your solution – Attendees tell us it’s events like this that give them both big picture and tactical direction for them to calibrate their expectations while they plot their unique path. Compare your solution with others and leading metrics.
  • Keep up to date – Customers typically pay thousands in annual maintenance for EPM products. With this investment, you will want to keep up to date with the latest and greatest, specifically with upcoming versions that are available to you as part of your maintenance agreement. Learn from other users how to extend the value of your investment.
  • Lower the cost of ownership – Learn how to increase performance and better maintain the system to stretch your investment to get the smoothest and most valuable operation.

Can I present my company’s story?

Yes,  We are always interested in hearing about your successful use of SAP Products. We are currently accepting submissions for the 2019 EPM Leadership Summit. Please contact Column5’s Head of Sales Steve Sussman at ssussman@column5.com if you are interested in presenting a case-study.  Please submit your story via powerpoint or pdf file. If your case study is accepted then your company will receive One Free All access Pass for the presenter of the Case Study.

Can I get a discount?

Column5 has priced this event series to just cover costs associated with hosting the events. We do have a group discount available:

  • Group Discounts – We feel the value of our educational events is so significant, we’re willing to extend a discount to any company registering 4 or more individuals. We will keep this discount (20%) open up to 2 weeks before the Summit.